Mimiq pedal into the Quad Cortex

Hey everyone,

Just got the Mimiq pedal and I’m loving how it sounds for emulating double guitars. I want to use it with my Quad Cortex and have a couple of questions:

  1. Should I plug it into the guitar input on the Quad Cortex, treating it like two guitars, or should I put it in the loop after the amp using the send and return block?

  2. If I go with the loop setup, do I need to use an unbalanced to balanced cable (like the humbuster), or can I use regular unbalanced guitar cables?

I always use inputs 1 and 2. And then use rows 1 and 2 for your amps cabs etc sent to out 1 and 2 or whichever outs youre using. I was using rows 1 and 3 went out 1 and 2 but found out this can cause increase in latency. It’s not a ton but in always trying to minimize latency where possible.

Forgot to mention i pan outs 1 and 2 hard L and R in my daw. Im sure you could pan within the QC but i find it easier to pan afterwords.