Output signal cracking, clipping, just very bad


I had a show yesterday and we had a normal soundcheck. When I went on stage the power had blown of the venue but switched back on after. The cortex rebooted and then when I wanted to start playing the Cortex output was cracking, digitaly clipping, … it sounded terrible and we had to use one of the vocal mics to amplify my sound (it was an acoustic guitar going through the Cortex). This was a gig for 250 people, you can imagine the painful silence and the terrible sound that all these people needed to endure.

I had a similar problem at a rehearsal once. It was not clear what it was but after an hour after pulling out the xlr’s and putting them back in the problem was gone.

This is a serious issue. As a professional player I need to rely on gear that works. every time. Has anyone had similar problems?

Update version: 2.01.

Thanks in advance

The boskat

I have never had that problem, but I can imagine that bad power could have a significant impact.

I haven’t seen and or heard of anything related. I would definitely open a ticket with support@neuraldsp.com so that they can log the issue, obtain diagnostic logs and help to resolve. Are you using the OEM PS or alternative PS? I have seen some issues occurring when using the incorrect voltage etc.

If the circuit blew, it could be related to low voltage driving up your amperage draw and tripping the breaker.

Low voltage can do strange things to digital gear.
Our band played a gig where everything worked but our 3 DSP driven monitors (lights on but no sound). The power conditioners showed we were running on 103 volts.