Output 1/2 copy to Output 3/4

In the case of an end user sending stereo to FOH, and also using a FRFR speaker(s) onstage, being able to send a mirrored output to both 1/2 & 3/4 would be helpful. As it stands, this eats a row off the grid.

assuming the headphone out replicates 1/2 output, you could get a TRS>dual xlr and use the headhone output

Yeah, good idea for a workaround in the short term

Headphones out might work, but it’s not a line level. Many will notice that this copy function is very important, especially when there is no line left for extra output. In addition, it is very impractical to branch off a line for monitoring (FRFR) in each preset. I hope this will be done shortly by NDSP.

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Here a more functional and flexible mechanism is proposed, I suggest you join, as it will allow you to realize your desire as well.
Multiple input/output selection

Doug today on TGP:
“We’ll just add an all-outputs option and make it the default on factory and new presets!”


This is good, should also have a function to disconnect the volume know to the FOH output.

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A global copy of 1/2 to 3/4 would be a much appreciated feature. I unboxed my QC and got everything hooked up to my interface, booted the thing up, performed updates, etc. Then I got no sound when trying to set my interface levels and realized I’d have to use the XLR outs for the time being to explore the Factory Preset patches. I did take a few minutes to browse the various menus and could not find any global output functions that would help. I wanted to connect my QC to my interface using the TRS outs on 3/4.

This wouldn’t work if you are wanting multiple outputs but using for example send 1 with no cabinet block