QC mirrored outputs

Is it possible to have all four rows output to FOH and FRFR but have independent control of their volume? So FOH can ask for more volume without effecting the volume on stage?

Can outputs 3+4 mirror 1+2 or could you send all rows out to 1+2 and use two mono signals?

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The routing options look very flexible, but relevant to your question… the Sweetwater Deep Dive published yesterday showed how each output has its own level control (starting around the 5:00 mark).

Its just a matter of setting up the routes in your preset to do what you want and then you can use the individual output levels for specific adjustments.

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Sweet that should work then, thanks for the link

Hi, i’ve one question regarding monitor setup that maybe its well placed in this topic.

i’ve 2 ilouds micro monitors which have the 2 RCA to 3,5 stereo cable. I’m thinking of either connecting the ilouds to the QC by the headphone out with the cable that i’ve mentioned or to the mono outs (6,3).

Do you guys think on would better than the other?

can it even be done through the headphone out?

I think You should be able to connect to outputs 3+4 with that cable. You could also get an rca to xlr stereo cable for outputs 1+2

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Thanks :), since the 3+4 are mono would this cable (Sommer Cable Basic HBA-62C2 1,5m – Thomann France) be a good one to use?

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I think that should work

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i’ve harped on about this in numerous threads, but I sill think a really useful future update would be the ability to set and assign midi CC messages to control the Ievels on the input and output screen, then you can incorporate a midi volume knob on your pedal board to control specific levels from the QC in real time without having to use the master.