Option to display what settings where used for captures


it would be great if we were given the option to show what settings were used for a capture when saving it.
Maybe one could have a graphic interface where one can choose to add, name, and select the settings of knobs to the capture.
For example, if one captures an amp with "Gain, Bass, Mids, Treble, Resonance, Presence, and Master, one can add (in this case) seven virtual knobs, name them, and show what settings were used

yes i think this is necessary, specially since people name captures “amp 1-2-3-4…” so theres no indicator as to if it even is clean or high gain
maybe a slide to the side could show a pop up picture which could be integrated when uploading the capture as both a way to see settings and a proof of what was captured

recently there were a few hours where an ‘upload photo’ feature was visible on the browser version of the Cortex Cloud capture editing options. It disappeared eventually, but it may have been an accidental leak or test for a new feature.
I think it’d be really cool to be able to upload a picture of the gear and its captured settings.
I suspect we’ll see it introduced at some point.


thats great to hear! hopefully it´s a leak as you say and it´s something they have already implemented i would be very happy and maybe theres other little things like that added on the full release which would be a great way to feel compensated for the delays

With the Cloud update this is now possible :blush:

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I KNEW I wasn’t hallucinating 2 months ago. SO glad this feature turned up!

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Same - Just spent the morning re-capturing my Amps and adding an image of the corresponding settings.
Really happy with this update :slightly_smiling_face:

so it´s a user added photo? since most people don´t write descriptions much less go the length to upload a photo i feel like it should be a requisite to include a description of the setting would you guys agree?
like every capture should at least have gain , eq, volume and optionally presence etc with whatever the amp has, could it be the next step to this solution?