Open the shared link on App

Every time if someone shares their preset or capture link on Facebook and when I click the link, it brings me to a website which is asking me to login.
Is it possible to click the link and open it on app? I know ppl put their account name to let others search on App when they want to share their presets or captures. But if we can directly open the link on app, it will make the process easier.

You should be able to do everything you can do with the app via the website cloud now.

When I click the link and it brings me to QC website and ask me to login. After I login, it shows my own account and won’t show the shared account, and there is no way to open on App. So I can not use someone’s link to star their presets or captures. I can only search their name to star. I am using iPhone 7 and iOS 15.

Once you login, click on the link again for preset or capture and it should take you straight there then you can download the preset or capture by selecting the star etc.

Once I login and click the link, it brings me a login page again. It seems the website can not remember my account.

That would be your browser, the browser and settings determine if your username and password remain. That would have nothing to do with NDSP’s site. Depending on what browser you have, try clearing your cash (all) and then re-login to the cloud site and see if it still occurs.

Somehow I can open the link directly on App now. When I click the link, it shows “open it on app” Thanks for QC team!

No changes were made but glad your browser is working for you now!