Search captures directly from the QC without an app

I’m trying to understand the logic of using a phone to star captures to be able to download them. It is so convoluted and time consuming. My phone is logged in with my userID, but so is my QC. The QC is already connected to the cloud. I suggest putting a search string function on the unit itself to view all captures (no more starring). Click to audition. Make a storage buffer and automatically download the one that wants to be auditioned.
example. I want a 5150 capture, I type 5150 on the unit, it shows me a continuous page of search results from cloud captures containing that string, It shows me 20 items at a time, I audition them one at a time by clicking audition and stop when I have what I’m looking for. It now saves that capture onto the unit.

Agree totally with this, as the marketing on the unit from the start made it out like ths was already going to be a key feature.

Thanks. It just seems so crazy. “OK I have 30 minutes to try out some tones, ok where’s my phone???” What?
Search and find captures on the phone, star them, go to QC , search for them again. Put them in a preset. 30 minutes is up.

I agree also!

Why isn’t it possible to make website with the features of the app?
Working at the PC is much more convinient than the struggle with the Samrtphone!

By the way I am also painfully missing the desktop editor for easy working!!!

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Couldn’t agree more. The current process for auditioning captures is horrible. It would also be great if presets that have captures “baked in” automatically downloaded them with the preset.