Only headphone sound

I have just received my QC. Connected by USB to my macbook pro m1 and to my powered monitors through output 3&4. I want to play together with backtrack files from my mac, Chordify etc. I only hear sound through my headphones connected to my QC.
Yet when I play my guitar I can it through the monitors. What am I missing?
Thank you

Problem solved by using usb and main out 1&2 (xlr).

I came across this trying to solve my issue with iMac+Ventura setup, but I found out it can be solved the same way as my macbook book (regardless of Apple Silicon or Intel). By now, you may already know how, but just in case, let me share how you can route your sound to output 3/4. First open “Audio Midi Setup” app (you can do this by cmd+space, then type “Midi” for example). If you see QuadCortex USB. Bottom right, you’ll see “Configure Speakers” button, click it. If not (on Ventura), you may have to click the gear button in the bottom left, then do the same. And then there, you can map left/right to “To out3” and “To Out 4”, respectively. This should do the job. Make sure your volume is set low, so you don’t hurt your ears. Hope this helps!

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