Only for metalhead? Looks like IT

Please put out some videos on YouTube that is not metal chug chug. If not quad qortex is gonna be for metal head only and that is a missed opertunety for the company. You really don’t wanna be known for “great for metal” product. And off course I’m gonna pass on the reservation if that all it can do.


Hello @harald.de_graaf. You will be able to cover a wide variety of genres using the amps and effects included with the Quad Cortex, you can check the device list here. Keep in mind that the number of devices will continue to grow permanently after the launch.

We’re also planning on releasing several videos showing the capabilities of the unit, so keep an eye out.

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i do very much agree, it looks like a very targeted audience, but these can do so much more
so sorry for the shameless selfpromotion, i just got the fortin cali suite and not only the distorted sounds are great, i really got amazed by the amazing clean, semi clean and crunch tones i got out of this amp-sim, by far, the best organic clean and light distorted sounds i have been able to ever get out of an amp-sim on pc/mac, at the end, thats why i have purchased it, sounds, but also feels fantastic when playing
the key is proper gain-staging (know your levels) and to dial it in accordingly, and it didnt take me hours of tweaking, it was like instant within 5 minutes
here is the sounds i was able to get out