Hi from austria. Help me order a Quad Cortex

Hi guys,
i am a musician from upper austria.
I work on logic with NDSP plugins and GR7.
As a Live Musician i do most weddings and cover about 70 times a year. Earn money in one word.
I used AFX I once it was new and began my modeling digital time of guitar playing.
Since a few years i bring a HD500X to my small stages and i am pretty happy with this thing but it gets old.
Thinking of a helix as new stage modeller i also finde a quad cortex interesting.
Why should i go this path with NDSP and quad cortex? Compared to Helix and FM9.
I am not interested in deep dive editing. i am a working musician and need 4 Sounds with some stompbox variations.

Clean (Stompbox: Delay, Chorus, Wahwah, Flanger?)
Crunch (Stompbox: Delay, Boost, WahWah, …)
Rock (Stompbox: Delay)
Rock Lead (Stompbox:…Delay)

Maybe a piezo acoustic setting for LR Baggs Bridges? Never had that.

One Pedal should be configured as master volume, second as wah.

Direct to mixer w/o guitar cab. Monitoring through monitor system.

One more time. What make Quad Cortex an interesting tool for me?
Thanks in advance

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Hallo Auge,

ich denke, wir können uns auf Deutsch unterhalten.
Ich bin seit drei Monaten Besitzer eines Quad Cortex, habe aber leider keine Erfahrung mit AFX oder dem Helix. Daher hier nur ein Einblick in den QC:

Wenn die viele Hochzeiten spielst und du deine vier Sounds oft brauchst, bietet der QC drei unterschiedliche Modi:


Der Stomp Modus lässt dich Blöcke in der Chain dazu- oder wegschalten.

Der Scene Modus gibt dir die Möglichkeit ein Preset zu speichern und dann in weiteren Szenen zu verändern. Sprich: du brauchst bei gewissen Songs vlt einen kleinen Boost beim Clean Sound, der Rest des Presets soll aber gleich bleiben. Oder du brauchst iwo mehr Gain/Delay/usw.

Der Preset Modus lässt dich einfach zwischen deinen Presets hin und her schalten.
Ich habe z.B. ein Preset mit viel Gain auf dem A Footswitch, einen cleanen auf B usw.

GruĂź, Philipp

Hi Philipp,
Stomp Mode ist was ich bisher nutze. Scene Mode ginge auch.

Also kann ich wie bisher 4 Grundsounds machen und auf die unteren 4 Schalter legen und die oberen 4 Schalter entweder fĂĽr Stomps oder Szenen nutzen?

i would say only interesting thing with QC for you would be the ease of use since you can edit quickly and has easy access with the touch screen instead of the more complicated (but more in depth) uses of fm9 and kemper.

That said the fm9 can be personalized more even in the footswitches so once you are set it might be better for you.
Also check out the headrush, it´s cheaper, just as easy to use and might be easier to buy for you

I have no idea what they’re saying, but I’m glad they found each other


If you’re happy with a simple setup, you’ll never use the full value of the QC… it sounds like a HX stomp or stomp XL would benefit you more in terms of simplicity…
If you want an easy to use, expensive modeller with almost endless posibilities, the qc is the way. If you want a fair priced, simple soultion maybe look towards hx, helix lite, headrush or fracatal fm3?

ganz genau. aber ich denke, dass du fĂĽr dein vorhaben etwas gĂĽnstigeres finden kannst, da du nicht wirklich das angebot des quad cortex ausnutzen wirst.


Das gĂĽnstigere hab ich derzeit in Form des 500X eh.
Das Headrush ist mir zu klobig. Ist ja ein Riesengerät.
Ich werd weiterdenken…

i have a cheaper solution with HD500X already.
Headrush is too large/big for me.
We’ll see…

To be fair, the QC is also a dial and go piece of gear if thats what you want this to be.
It is by far the easiest of Helix, axe fx to do “on the fly” changes, so no deep dive needed.
The stock presets are quality on par with all other, but the captures makes this one of the best piece of gear so far. The fx are good, not the best but good enough. If you rely heavy on fx and need a lot of different things, its lacking. if you just need a reverb, delay and chorus its good enough.
And its lightweight, easy and robust.

Nicely said. I THINK changing language in an English Forum is like quitting on common sense - and too, it’s pretty asocial, given fact that remaining users get locked out of being able to gather knowledge.

Also, ihr Backfeiffen -
schreibert auf English thx