One amp capture block with multiple slots


While using and enjoying the QC I came across an idea that I think it is going to be useful to a lot of users.
I think it will be great to have an Neural AMP block, that will have multiple slots (max 3 or 4) where you can add your captures. Basically what I mean is to have an amp functionality and the captures will be your channels. For example: I have an Neural AMP block in my signal chain, with one sets of controls: gain, bass, middle, treble, volume, and the slots for one lead capture, rhythm capture, crunch capture and clean capture and that will allow the user to change from scene to scene the capture that his using, just the way you would change channels on an amp.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mihaimike1894, couple of things:

I’m assuming that the ultimate purpose of this “multi-slot” block would be to save space on grid. Otherwise, there’s nothing stopping you from placing multiple captures on the grid and switching them via Scenes.

Having a global set of controls for gain, bass, middle, treble, volume, etc., for multiple captures would get weird and wonky pretty quick since we know that captures are… captured at different volume levels.

There is already a request for a multi-slot amp block that you’re suggesting, although your request is the first I’ve seen specifically for captures. This request has zero votes as I post this, though:


Actually there would be a difference I think.
Multiple Amps on the grid uses more of the CPU power of the Quad Cortex. This could be a way to optimize it and use less CPU while there is more possibility to change Amp sounds within one amp.

I would like to add this to the request:
For Amps like the D-Cell H4 (Diezel VH-4) there are multiple channels but available in separate amp blocks. So to utilize 2 channels of this amp you need to place two blocks on the grid. I recon it could be more optimal if you could channel switch this in 1 block.