On start up QC sounds muddy. This is an intermittent issue on start up. Restarting solves the problem.

CorOS 2.0.0

Never had this problem prior to latest update but 3 times now I have turned on the QC and the unit sounds muddy and muffled. Restarting the QC solves the problem. This is an intermittent fault. Very disconcerting.

Hi @Burnz and sorry to hear about your issues. I would recommend emailing support@neuraldsp.com so they can have you send logs from your QC for diagnostics. Support will likely have you backup, factory reset and restore as well to resolve but definitely suggest reaching out to support.

Also, how do you have your QC hooked up for sound/monitoring? Are you using stock PS, have you tried disconnecting anything external (e.g. cables, USB etc.) and see if that resolves your issues. I have seen weird things occurring due to external issues but support will be able to identify the issues once you start diagnostics with them.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.

My QC lives on a Temple Audio pedalboard. I gig constantly. Virtually all the inputs and outputs, apart from the USB which I currently don’t use, are connected with appropriate and tested quality interconnects to XLRs, in and out, and TRSs on the sides of the board. I am not aware of any issues with the connections. Normally everything works fine. When I have the problem I have simply re-booted, without touching anything else, and the fault disappears. I use a variety of PS, captures, downloads etc.

If others are not experiencing a similar issue, I think I will wait till it happens again and then email support.

Thanks again for your response.

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I had similar issue even before CorOS 2.0.0. Sometimes after turning on QC it sounded quieter and with less highs. In order to fix it I went to impedance settings (I always used maximum level), had to dial them to min and than back to max, it helped.

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This happens every time for me. Its like the QC ‘forgets’ the previous input gain setting. Just teweaking the input gain kicks it back into life

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Sounds like what we are experiencing is a common bug that requires a fix. Neural please investigate and resolve.

Yep, what you descibe here is exactly what I have been experiencing. Thank you for taking the time to respond and for your workaround.

Thanks for responding and your workaround.

Do you have the same issue with the stock power supply?
Maybe it’s some undervoltage when booting the QC?

the only power supply I have is the one it came with

I use a CIOKS DC7. I doubt if there is an undervoltage issue.

Ah, ok. I just asked because I experienced weird behavior in the past with other units and certain non-stock power supplies.
But then it can be excluded here.

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Thank you for your input though Andy!

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This has been an issue on the last two releases. The fix is to adjust the impedance. It seems to default to the lowest setting on startup which chokes the sound. Adjust the input impedance and put it back and it’s fine. Defo needs looking at though as it’s not great.

Thanks for this. I hope the Neural team take some time to resolve soon and, in the meantime, provide a general communication to all users regarding this.

Hi @Burnz , as indicated previously etc., please email support@neuraldsp.com so they are aware and can log the issue. I am unable to duplicate the issue so better for someone with the issue to email and send diagnostic logs to help resolve. Thanks!

I too have this issue almost every time I power on and will email support about it - hopefully the bug can be fixed. I have to adjust Impedance to fix it but oftentimes my QC also produces a nasty sound at the input stage for a few minutes after boot which will then go away. I suspected a bad input stage but it sounds like the impedance issue is experienced with others too.

I will do, thank you.

mine also makes that nasty sound after booting. The input shows as clipping (red) and the unit outputs a nasty buzzing. Nothing stops it except waiting for it to stop.

I have received this reply from Neural Support. Perhaps it might be best if any others who experience similar problems to those mentioned in this thread write to support and let them know, in order that an accurate picture can be presented:

'So far, we believe it’s firmware related and we’ve also received similar reports from other users. However, some of them have also mentioned a noise that appears occasionally when turning on the unit.

Please let us know if you also encounter that noise at some point in the future. In the meantime, we will investigate this issue.’

Hopefully this issue will now get resolved.

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