High CPU when running VST3 Plugin

Does anybody else suffer high CPU usage with Archetype Cory? I can run the standalone version with no issues, topping out at ~4% CPU usage. But If I’m in my DAW running it as a plugin, I’m maxed at 100% with no usable sounds.
I found that most of the overhead is in the Cab sims. If I disable the cabs, CPU drops to 30% and I can work with it (I have to run another 3rd party IR plugin to get usable sounds, but at least I’m not hitting the CPU limit).
It seems that all of my Neural DSP plugins are CPU heavy, but Cory is the only one that is rendered inoperable, regardless of the buffer size I use.
I’m running Studio One on a Windows machine with an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 and 32G Ram.
Let me know if this is common for Cory, or if I need to dig deeper into operating system optimization.


Mike O.

Cory working fine here and Cali is more of a problem CPU wise for me. That said, NDSP seems to be on the CPU hungry side in general.

If it becomes difficult to resolve, maybe check out https://vb-audio.com/Cable/index.htm (scroll down to the VB-Audio Hi-Fi Cable) and use it to route ASIO from your stand-alone version of Cory into your DAW. Yeah, I know you shouldn’t need to go thru such nonsense, but maybe its a work-around that will get you up and running and enjoying doing music instead of fighting with tech…

I’m on Intel for my DAW and live performance laptop btw. I do have an AMD 3700 for gaming I’ll try and see how it goes.

What DAW are you using?

Hi @Mike_O. Check this guide as well: https://support.neuraldsp.com/help/windows-optimization

Hi M,

Thanks for the response. I’m using Studio One v5.1 which, admittedly, has very poor performance with multi-core processors. I did learn something important last night: S1’s “Dropout Protection” is worthless. On my Cory Wong Patches that use 2 mics in the speaker simulation, CPU would be pegged at 100% if any amount of dropout protection was used. When I disabled this feature, CPU dropped to ~30%. I can now use this plug-in in S1 with minimum latency and no pops/clicks.
Side note: I opened up my old copy of Cakewalk sonar and Cory Wong ran flawlessly. I think Presonus needs to spend some more time under the hood to improve CPU management…

Thanks for the feedback!

Mike O.