Offline presets

While the current cloud-based approach is fine, long-term for the Quad Cortex, offline presets are going to be an essential feature. Like competing devices, the ability to backup your presets offline is a big deal. I propose a custom file format of some kind (maybe .ctx). This will allow us to store presets offline and not have to rely on an internet connection being available.

Relying on a cloud platform for presets will fail if there is any downtime with the cloud servers (bad deploy, infrastructure problems). Furthermore, there’s the question of an open ecosystem. Many have made a living selling presets on their own store and sites, instead of relying on a walled garden offering like I’ve heard is being proposed.

I am thinking many years ahead, where a successor (or a few successors have been released). There would be no guarantee that the current cloud-dependent device would be supported and have a server to get presets from.