ODR-1 Bass Cut Knob (like Belle)

I’d love to see a bass cut knob in the ODR-1, similar to the way it’s done on the Wampler Belle (which I have, and is my fav overdrive). The ODR-1 sounds gorgeous, it would just be nice to be able to tweak the bass without throwing a parametric EQ after it and assigning them to the same footswitch. Which obviously works, it’s just sets off my OCD (not the pedal) in gig view of everything not having a unique name (as opposed to Multiple Devices…which is cool when you set a switch to flip between amp channels). :slight_smile:

I use the QC in a low gain, swampy, bar band setting - so a Vox and the ODR-1 plus some trem and slapback are my core.