Gated overdrives w/mix knob & double drives in 1 block

In these days of boosted high gain tones, it’s not to uncommon for some overdrives, fuzz and distortions to have built in noise gates.
It would be great to see some gate options built into the overdrives along with,

  1. Gate type
  2. Threshold
  3. Gate posistion pre/post

I’m sure it’s been mentioned but a mix/dry blend is also really great for guitars without having to use a whole splitter. Unless multiple (mini?) splitters are eventually gonna be implemented. Even then it would be great if all the overdrives etc. had a mix knob.

Finally, it would be really awesome to see some double stacked overdrives in one block. Gated double drives with a dry mix would be super dope and nobody is doing that right now. In fact, mentioning it to them and they snub thier nose at it like its some kind of unrealistic absurdity.

More on the way!
See yall soon lol