Not receiving any emails from support

ive emailed the support team three times about my issue on getting my mesa boogie plugin. I had tried the free trial and decided to buy it. I bought it last Thursday and I still haven’t been able to access it in my ilok account. It’s not showing up so I done everything everyone said here who had a similar experience and nothings working. can someone help please?

Same problem here with Soldano plugin. The iLok license manager does not work at all. Says that my internet connection is bad, no it is not.

There are other modern options to manage licences, like 10Duke. Hope Neural would consider them.

yes for sure.
although my ilok doesn’t say no internet it just won’t open the mesa plugin I purchased. it will open other trials. I started a free trial on the Tim Henson plugin and that one worked fine I just can’t get the mesa plugin.

hey guys, yes it does look like iLok is not working on new licenses at the moment. I’m not sure that this is something that ndsp support can assist with, but rest assured that they’ll figure out what’s going on and you will end up with working (and great sounding ) plug ins.

The support team fixed my license problem manually overnight, wow!

Great job!

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mines still not working but I can still get free trials through my ilk account. the plugin I purchase still won’t show up.

update, I got it working . turns out I ordered it not logged in and forgot to check for the activation email…