I'd love to try the mesa boogie plugin (ilok)

I am hearing some killer tones for the mesa mii+ plugin, looks and sounds lovely.

I am really struggling with ilok for the trial, ive made my account but it can’t connect, if I buy the plugin, do I still have to put up with that crap or do I get a standalone that I can use freely because I paid for it?

I’d be willing to skip the trial as the sounds I’m hearing are fantastic, but I aint putting up with ilok it’s very unstable

All the NDSP plugins (and most others) require ILOK. If you are having issues with ILok, you may wish to email support@neuraldsp.com to get some resolution.

When the plug-ins get ported over to the cortex, will that too be done through the ilok system, or independent (in house-neural)?

NDSP hasn’t made any announcements regarding how the plugins will work license wise.