Normalized Option for Cabs/IRs

Within the Cab-Block there are two individual Mic/IR-Slots, each of which either representing a mic or an impulse response. The level for each of the two slots can be set absolutely in decibels (dB). Meaning that you can either boost or attenuate each of the slots individually.

I always struggle with this, because it is easy to mess up the overall level of an entire patch.
Especially whenever multiple Cab-Blocks are involved, where one Cab-Block might occupy both of the two mic-slots and the other Cab-Block only one of the two slots. I have this situation in almost all multi-amp layouts.

What I would like to see is a “Normalized” Option (boolean) that applies to an entire Cab-Block.
If activated:

  • the overall level of the Cab-Block is always normalized to -/+ 0 dB independent from how many slots are occupied (one or two)
  • the levels dials become relative (in %) such that if both slots are occupied, they can still be mixed to taste, but relatively, i.e. either boosting or attenuating in percent

Currently, if I have a multi-amp and multi-mic/IR layout and I actually only need one of the two slots for one single impulse response, I simply assign the same impulse response to both slots. Which is kind of lame imho.

I do understand and respect that being able to set the levels absolutely in decibels might be of advantage for lots of audio engineers. To me, it’s just a little too much and in the way of creative work.

For reference:
I’ve seen it implemented like that in the GGD Cali Oversized Plugin:

No matter how many cabs+mic slots you add or remove, the level stays the same overall and the level sliders simply serve as a relative mix between the slots.

You guys could even keep the current implementation in the CoreOS and simply change the UI. Meaning that the internal representation could remain absolutely in decibels, but whenever the “Normalized” option is activated and the user changes something, the UI normalizes/calculates the correct absolute levels (unity).

Let me know, what you guys think.


I think it’s a great idea and would be very useful. Unfortunately I am out of votes already otherwise I would have added one.


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Thanks for telling me, HB, now I know that my idea is not too far off.

Actually I pulled a vote from something else and I was able to vote for your feature suggestion.

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Woohoooo, thank you, Sir!

Great idea! I would also take it even further and make a dedicated IR block. It’s annoying as it is now to disable one of the cab mics and load the IR into the other one

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Thank you very much!
I couldn’t agree more, I’d like to see a dedicated block for IRs as well.
That way, you could tell immediately just by looking at the chain whether or not IRs or built-in cabs are used. I would even suggest using the same color (purple) but simply writing “IR” in the middle.

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I love the look of those. I just wanted to add, the ability to adjust the gain of the IR beyond +_ 6db would be good. Some of my IR’s are great but they’re pretty quiet