Blending IR with dry dignal

I use IRs for my mandolin and acoustic guitar patches. But I find that its necessary to mix the IR and the piezo pickup to keep the dynamics, and to avoid feedback that comes from too much midrange in some IRs.

I tried adding a mandolin IR to a Cab block for my mandolin patch, but couldn’t find a way to mix the IR with the dry mandolin. I can turn off the right side of the cab block, and the level control is still enabled. I thought that would do it. But turning off one side of the block doesn’t blend the dry signal, it just turns off that side of the block.

Is there a way to blend an IR with the dry signal without having to setup a parallel path just for that simple purpose? Helix has a mix control on its IR blocks - does QC have something similar and I just missed it?

If not, this is an important feature for acoustic IRs.

A possible workaround would be to load a neutral IR (one that doesn’t do anything) on the other side of the cab block and mix to taste

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Yes, it would require an IR that has all frequencies at the same level so that the output is the same as the input, sometimes called a dirac spike. Does anyone have such a unit IR?

There are some examples here

Thank you very much!

Hi, do you also have the problem that you custom IR’s levels are really lower than the stock speaker microphone IR’s ? I have to raise the signal at least 10dB to get the same levels as when bypassed, and I think it might might not be good for the sound resolution…

In my acoustic patches I use a path splitter to get two paths. In path 1 I have a cab block with custom IR loaded. In path 2 I have any block I can use to adjust volume. When you do this the splitter block will give you a 50/50 mix. Go 100% on each path to get the volume equalized on both paths. Then you can adjust the splitter mix as needed. I usually land on 70% clean / 30% IR in my acoustic guitar patches (for example). Of course, put all of your effects after the merge of the two paths. Or something like that. Hope this helps.

I agree that works, but I don’t want to use up a path for a mix control that should be in the block.