Nolly Win-Installer - custom location


when installing Archetype:Nolly on a Windows machine it is possible to set custom locations for plugins as well as the stand-alone version.
However the desktop shortcut is not set to the correct custom location. Also the uninstaller, logfile and user manual are installed to ‘C:/Program Files/Neural DSP’ no matter what custom path I selected earlier.

It was no issue to solve this on my machine by just move the stuff around by hand after the installation was done, but it’s cumbersome.
Also I’m not sure yet if there are some registry entries done by the installer.


(However your Plugins I tested so far are awesome. Thank you)

Hi @fuma. Thank you for notifying us.

This is an issue with the old installers. Archetype: Nolly still uses that installer but that will be solved with the next update.

Sounds great. Looking forward to see that update.
thanks for your quick response.

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