VST3 of Cory not seen on Ableton Live 10 - MacOS 10.14

Hello there,

I’ve got Cory and Plini plugins, and the vst3 version of Cory is not seen by my Ableton Live 10 on Mac Os X 10.14. While the Plini au/vst/vst3 are all there… Does someone have this issue?
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Hey @Joe. Try this:

Thanks for your help Gonzalo. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the vst3 of the plugin… while I’ve got all the others vst3 from Neural Dsp… Any other idea/solution?

Turn the plug-in folder off and on again (as suggested in this article). After that, re-scan your plugins again holding the Alt key while you press “Rescan”.

Are you able to load the other formats of the same plugin?

Nothing change : I can’t see the Vst3 of Cory, while there is no issue with the Au & Vst version of Cory.
I’ve got also the Plini, Abassi and Nameless and can see all the versions of them (Au, Vst, Vst3).

Just to be sure: Is the VST3 file actually installed on the plugin folder? It should be located at Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / VST3 /

If it’s already there, try this:

  • Delete the VST3 file
  • Open Ableton > Options > Preferences > Plugins > hold down the Option/Alt key and press Rescan
  • Close Ableton and reinstall the Plugin
  • Open Ableton and rescan your plugins again while holding the Option/Alt key

It worked!!! Thanks a lot!!!