Nolly and Logic Pro X

Hi All,

I am trying out the trial version, and it is killer, and I really want to purchase this software.

But I am getting so much cracking sound when using it in logic.
None of my other plugins do the same, and I can see when loading up the plugin, CPU maxes out.

I am running it on Mac mini late 2019 3,2ghx I7, 16gb ram so hardware should be ok.
I am running latest macOS 10.15.4 and latest Logic Pro 10.5.0
I am running it as 64 samples, so I get the shortest latency

Running the archetype Nolly as stand alone is fine, no cracking noises what so ever.

Are there settings I am missing or do I need to do something else?


Hi @jan-2823. What sample rate are you using?

I am using 44 khz

@jan-2823 can you send the full details to We’ll take a look at it. You can attach some videos as well.