Delayed Playback, Glitchy sound, etc with all Plugins

Hello world,
First off, I have a somewhat limited knowledge and understanding of DAW etc, so this could be totally user error.
I am having very strange and consistent problems with all my Neural plugins. They are all using a TON of cpu and is causing a ton of issues including glitchy ness. When just playing through the plugins by themselves or in standalone meaning playing without the backing tracks going the plugins work without problem and minimal latency. However, when recording there is often glitches and pops. The strangest of all is the when playing back a recorded track it is often about a 1/8th or 1/6th off beat and I have to move the track to get it in time with the metronome.
I am running Logic Pro x version 10.2 into a late 2013 MacBook Pro with 2.4ghz core i5 and have experimented with various buffer sizes all with the same problem or just increased latency. I am using recommended sample rates and have tried optimizing my computer as guided in various videos and on this forum. I’ve never had an issue with any of my plugins in the past even when working with many many many tracks and plugins. However, I get strange problems when using just one Neural Plugin. Below is a frequent error message I get.
I suspect my computer might just be old, but I really want to get the Neural Plugins working correctly as they sound really really really good! Thank you for any insight you can provide.

Hi @whalecalls. Unfortunately, If it happens with all the plugins, chances are your system is just too old, as you suggested. MacBooks can start throttling after a few years, which could also cause the issues you’re describing.

If you already made sure that your interface is selected at both the Audio Input and Audio Output Devices, try running Intel Power Gadget and check if the CPU frequency drops below the base clock once you start experiencing the issues.

Sadly, I think it might be the CPU usage and my computer not being able to handle it. This is so strange as I’ve never had CPU issues and have made some pretty demanding projects. like 10+ guitar tracks with automation on top of many other tracks. I can’t say I am not bummed about not being able to use Neural as it really does sound amazing especially the Plini plugin.
I have my interface setup as both audio in and out. I will try the Power gadget and see what’s up. Thanks for the quick support!

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I’m not sure about v10.2 but make sure to use ‘Low Latency Mode’ in Logic Pro X when recording with amp sims. Preferences > Audio > General > Low Latency Mode. I’m on Logic Pro X v10.4.8.