Noisy rage booster block

not sure if it’s just supposed to be this way or not but it’s noisy independent of the guitar signal, tried the utility input gate which can mute it but only at about 90% other gates are similar and will let through the noise before the actual guitar signal…
all the other overdrive effects and extreme fuzz are easily gated at the default 30%

Same issue unless set really low loud hiss gate does not supress at any settings

I’ve had this issue too. Makes it unusable with single coils. I’ve also found some other drive blocks really noisy as well. Like the BE-OD pedal for instance. Not sure what to do to help. I guess embrace the noise… :man_shrugging:

Maybe use an EQ block to boost treble instead of rage booster…

Have you tried the Rage Booster first in the chain, then add a gate block (Simple Gate) next?

My preset with the rage booster is input gate off (as it chokes/stutters the sound), Rage Booster → Simple Gate (adjust Threshold as needed) → Amp…

Good to see it’s not my unit.
Tried the gates immediately after the block and they can tame the noise if set aggressively, adaptive never quite completely mutes it but at 75% it’s useable and simple gate will mute it at -59.2db without input.
I can’t imagine it is intentionally so noisy, maybe something that can be fixed in a future update.