Noisey amps

Hi All
Love the QC, except for the need to always have a gate on. With the Kemper and Axe-FX, I never needed use a gate for a JCM 800 with the drive on 6. It seems like with QC, most of the amps need a gate or else there is a lot of hiss.
Could it be my power supply or related? Or is this just the way it is?
Thanks for any info!

Hey @megadupe21,

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing.

The amps won’t produce any noise by themselves, but they will only raise the noise floor already present in your signal. This could be caused by multiple factors, including external sources and nearby electrical devices.

If you already went through this guide, I would recommend you send an email to so we can help you troubleshoot this issue and hopefully find what’s causing the noise.