About weird noise

Hi there.
First, I apologize for my poor English. I don’t know if the meaning will be conveyed properly.

I’ve very weird experience a few days ago.
The place with real twin reverb, so I made presets without ampsim and cabsim. for prepared a gig. ​

At the day, I connected QC OUT3/L to amp input as usual multi-effects pedals. and then it made ‘noise’ like a little waterfall.

There was no noise when the guitar direct-connected to amp(without QC). There was no time to solve the problems also. so I played with my pedalboard instead QC.

After the gig somehow ended, I checked somethings.

  1. The amp used voltage converter 110v to 220v.
    But there was no noise while using pedalboard.
    Before this happens, other twin reverb amp ‘without voltage converter’ had exactly same problems. just once.

  2. It was also noisy that connect to DI box through OUT3/L or OUT4/R. connecting without DI box to the console was also same.

  3. OUT1,2 with XLR worked well. so worked! It was quiet as usual. I was relieved at this time. LOL

Have you guys ever experienced something similar?

The best is connecting XLR, there are many places where there is no PA and only amp in my case.
If this happens repeatedly when using combo amp(no sends/returns), it is so tough.

I’m thinking about use grounded QC adapter or XLR to TS cables to amp. to solve problems.

How do you think about it?
Perhaps, Was it because of the amp ground? or somethings more?

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