Noise problem

Here it its, guys
What can it be?
Stock power supply
HB seymour duncan JB and 59
Tecniforte cables (premium cables here in brazil)
Noise gate on

sounds like the power supply to me.
the noise come short after you mute the strings, and the noise gate kicks in a second later .
a lot of people have this problem, many bought different PSU and it got fixed

It sounds like it may be a grounding issue. If your cab is already grounded, a new power supply won’t make a difference. If the cab is grounded, it may be an issue with the guitar’s grounding. If you’ve ruled that out, send an email to support at for additional troubleshooting.

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what other electrical devices are nearby- phone, fluorescent lights, computer/monitor? Almost sounds like electrical interference.

Did you solve the issue?

not yet
but it seems like eletrical interference in my home
not a PS issue.

I’ve got a similar issue, are you conmected through xlr?