Guitar occasionally cutting out on Quad Cortex. Works perfectly on tube amp

Only one of my guitars is intermittently cutting out while using the Quad Cortex in headphones only mode (nothing else connected). If I touch the knobs on the guitar it seems to come back. The guitar has no issue when playing on my Peavey Invective MH.

Sounds like a ground issue. Do your othet guitar’s have the same problem.

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No, only the one guitar has the problem. I was thinking about getting a grounded power supply to mitigate the humming when only using headphones. Would this potentially correct the issue?

Grounded replacement power supply doesn’t seem to guarantee there won’t be noise, especially if it’s ground loop noise.

Have you tried connecting via USB to a computer or by XLRs to something else that’s grounded?

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Tried plugging in a usb cable and connecting it to my computer and it seems to have resolved the issue. Played for about 20 minutes without a drop out. So it must have been a grounding issue. Thanks for the help!