Extreme amount of noise from QC

Weird one for you; but I was using my Epiphone Les Paul Classic with my QC today, for the first time and there was a huge amount of noise on any preset with even a medium amount of overdrive/distortion on either an amp or distortion model.

The noise stops when I touch the unit, implying it’s some issue with grounding (I think, I’m, no electronics expert!)

This only happens if;

  1. I use the Epiphone with one particular brand of cable that I several of
  2. when plugged in to my monitors. The same cable AND guitar doesn’t make the noise if plugged in to PowerCab for example.
  3. If I change guitar OR cable I don’t get this noise; so the same guitar with a different cable does not make this noise and the same cable with a different guitar doesn’t make this noise.

At first I thought it was the power supply but it’s not that and It all seems a bit random, so I wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar?

One thing I might look at is the input and output levels on my I/O page. Does this happen on any preset? The fact that it doesn’t happen on your PowerCab which has a grounded IEC connection could have something to do with it. Do your “monitors” have a two prong or three prong (grounded) plug.

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check on the I/O settings outputs if the ground lift is on by chance .
if it is on, turn it off.


What brand of cable is it? I understand why you may have noise with the monitors rather than the PowerCab for reasons @HonestOpinion mentioned, but I do find it curious that changing instrument cables makes a difference - not just one cable, but more than one cable of the same brand.

It happens on the few presets I tried - but those same presets don’t make any extra noise at all with any other guitar and the same cable or the same guitar but a different cable.
That’s a good point re the two prong plug - the monitors (IK Multimedia Micro Monitors) do indeed have a two prong plug so that could well be something to do with it; must be a fluke coincidence though of a possibly poorly grounded guitar, with that particular cable and a two prong plug.

The cable is Mogami - not sure who they are, it came from Guitar Center, I got a few of them on a trip to the US (I’m in the UK)
To be fair I’ve tried the other identical cables and they all made the same noise too, so the construction of the cable must be something to do with it…

Mogami is high-end good quality cable. Doesn’t mean they can’t fail though on occasion.

Right, I’m not sure whether Mogami ever assembles the entire cable. I have some in front of me that I bought from Andertons, “made in Japan, wired in the UK”. I’m also using a Mogami TRS cable for my expression pedal, and it says “manufactured in Japan by Mogami assembled in Germany”. Looking at packaging of Mogami cables from US web sites, I haven’t been able to find where they’re assembled.

For what it’s worth, I’m currently using Mogami 3368 cable with Neutrik silent plug connectors with the QC.

I’ve tried all the Mogami cables with the same guitar and monitors and it all makes noise - only with the QC though, if I use my Headrush then no noise at all.
Very odd…

Hi, I also have a great amount of noise that i really don’t understand !!

It increase a lot when I split my guitar pickups (using the volume push pull on a strandberg nx original)

The amount of noise also depend of which preset used, some of those from McRockin are out of control.

I tried few cables but no differences and something i find weird and don’t remember to ever experienced it with other devices (maybe a bad memory) is that when the jack is just plugged to any in1 or 2 and not in a guitar, it make a big buzz that increase when you touch the connect part.
In my experienced the buzz you get without touching the connector is like you touch it with amp etc…

Do you also have a big buzz without a guitar plugged with the cable ?

When i touch the metal hardware on the “head” of the guitar the noise decrease a lot.

I have t make tests but i never experienced (vintage tube amp and Kemper user) noises like that, with some presets i can hear the creak of my strap !!

For anyone who has noise issues please check the following from this page:

If you’re still having issues send us an email support@neuraldsp.com and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot.

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Thanks for that; interestingly that article refers to one solution being to plug everything in to one socket. That’s actually the set up I had at the time, and I wondered if that was part of the problem (rather than possibly a solution)

One thing I didn’t mention is when I was getting all the noise, touching the case (including footswitches etc, but the main metal body too) of the QC stopped it

I had a similar issue - it only happened with a passive pick up guitar which was really confusing, given it ultimately WAS THE CABLE. Any active pickup (guitar with a battery), would be fine --even with the same cable ultimately found to be bad. It wasn’t the QC at all, but a combination of a passive pickup guitar and a bad cable.

Very strange, never had those kind of problems before the QC.

I must make more tests cause there is lots of new things (new place, guitar etc) but with only the QC and my headphone the problem is still here, with any socket i tried.

I must say that the QC is very sensitive with the environement cause even if i touch something to cut the hum, we can here noise depend the orientation of the guitar, phone proximity etc…

Could be a problem with my unit , i didn’t manage to making working my boss sy-300 in the loop on my first test but i probably missed something.