Capture out noise

I am on the latest version of the CorOs.

When the Quad Cortex is connected to capture something, there is always a very strong hum. This is not the case through any of the other outputs, only capture out.

Even when there is no instrument or instrumentcable, just the cable from the capture out to an amp, a pedal, anything, that hum is there and superstrong. It passes through the thing that is to be captured and produces for example a distortion hum through distortionpedals and overdriven hum through amps etc.

Is it supposed to be supernoisy?

This might be the known grounding issue with the QC power supply, or a ground loop caused by the device connected to the capture input. If you are capturing an amp with a mic, then it’s possible the QC isn’t properly grounded. Try connecting a cable from one of the sends to some other grounded device and see if the hum goes away.

Yeah the noise is coming no matter what. The device is off, same noise. Device with other devices connected, same. Usb connected, same. Xlr connected, same. Through capture out into an audiocard through daw, same. It really persists.


Hey @RomeoRude. Sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing.

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