NO Volume from XLR after last 2.0.1 update.

I’ve just updated to new version and I got no any output volume from the XLR.
From the 3/4 TRS jack all is working well.
Also I can see the volume meter working on XLR out…but simply is not coming out.

Assuming you already tried swapping out cables and making sure the expression pedal or master volume were not all the way down, as well as checking the level setting on whatever you are monitoring with.

Also, try swiping down on the I/O page, tapping on the XLR icon and making sure the ‘Mute’ switch is “Off”. I would also check the ‘Volume’ level on my ‘Output’ block within the preset.

Probably not the issue but worth checking under global ‘Settings’ → ‘Global Bypass’ to make sure nothing is bypassed there either.

All checked, issue remains.
Also the sound is coming from 3/4 and from headphones and on the controls seems that is not recognised anymore the XLR plugged in (are not white color) while if I plug a TRS it becomes white and works.

You could try forcing the update again (instructions here Recovery Mode - factory reset), or just wait for the new 2.02 firmware is released. Should be imminent as it is being pushed out as the result of a security breach that Neural discovered in there WiFi connectivity.

It might be worth reaching out to Neural support at this point and seeing if they can walk you through a solution. Good luck!

Just thought I would ask, are you using the OEM PS? I have seen some similar issues with alternate PS’s etc.

I’ve original power supply

Thanks for the update, I would definitely email and they will get you sorted quickly.