No sound through headphones upon first boot up.

CorOS Version: 1.x

Describe your issue:
When I first got my unit, I plugged my headphones and guitar in and hit power. Upon power up, I wasn’t getting any sound from the headphones unless I manually changed the outputs of the presets to 3/4, even though in the I/O screen, it was showing as being active in 1/2 & phones. Finally, I decided to restart the unit and everything worked as expected.

Steps to reproduce your issue:
Have not been able to reproduce (thankfully).

I’m not sure if this is something others have experienced or if it’s got a potential to happen again.

Hey @UglyBunny. Sorry to hear that.

Did it happen before updating the unit? If it happens again, please send us a report from your unit (Settings > Contact us > Send report).

If you have more information about it, like videos or screenshots, let us know at

Thank you!

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