New Volume Device and Noise Gate

Should I place the new volume device before a noise gate or after? I am also assuming that the volume device should be the 1st one in the chain.

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i am interested in the answer to this

It would depend on if you want the result of hitting the amp less harder or to be able to sweep the volume of the entire signal chain. I would think the most typical place the volume block will be used is at the end of the signal chain but it depends on what you need.


Placing a volume pedal in the beginning of your signal chain causes it to act more like the volume knob on your guitar, affecting the response/tone of every amp/effect block downstream from it. Great way to use it if that is what you are looking for. Positioning it at the end of your signal chain has it act more as a pure volume boost/cut with little to no impact on your tone other than Fletcher-Munson.

You can also place it right before any delay or reverb blocks so that if you go heel-down on the expression pedal it doesn’t cut off your trails; it can cut them off if placed after reverb/delay. You will affect the volume level going to your delays/reverbs in that position though, which can affect their response. This is often where I position the volume block (before delay/reverb).

Placing the noise gate before it can reduce the noise being amplified by the volume pedal instead of catching it after the fact. Your choice. It may depend on where your volume block is placed, versus where the noisier blocks in your signal chain are located.


If you want to use the volume before an amp to clean it up with volume pedal (like you would with the volume knob on the guitar) the place it before any drive pedals and amps. If you want the tone to remain identical and just adjust the overall output level, put it either last or before delays and reverbs.

The noise gate is best kept before the volume pedal. This way it will always be affected by the output from the guitar, and won’t cut your signal too early even if you lower the volume on the volume pedal.