Distortion Pedal Noise

I’ve found that adding a distortion pedal results in a constant noisy hum regardless of the pedal added. It’s pretty annoying.

What’s the best way to fix this? I haven’t had this issue with actual distortion pedals.


For me it actually very much depends on the type of pedal I set and also very much on how the rest of my chain is constructed. This reflects more or less what I am used to from using analoge pedals. In this case you‘d use a noise gate. Depending on the source of the noice and the amount you can play around with using a noise gate in front of the chain, in the end of the chain or even in both places. But if that‘s not satisfying there are in fact no limits. Also a noise gate after the noisy pedal but in front of the amp is possible etc. You turn it up until you hear no more noise and then back just a little bit so it won‘t interfere too much.

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