New valve amp channel switcher

Yes I know, I shouldn’t be using a valve amp with the QC… Blah Blah, but I am. Live at least. I use it stand alone when I’m practicing at home… Anywho… about the new channel switcher.

On a number of occasions, I’ve searched the web for a simple device that allows you to control a three channel amp with midi. (First time I looked I owned a hotrod deluxe, this time it’s a Blackstar st james), but there doesn’t seem to be one. There are some that do less, and some that do much more, but none that I’ve found that just switch two relays over a TRS cable.

The folks at pirate midi have just brought one out.

It took a while to get here from Australia, but I guess I’m just spoilt and used to amazon next day delivery. Anyway, it arrived today, and it’s only taken me 5 minutes to work our how to make it work. For me, that’s a record.

I’d say it’s a great bit of kit, if you wanted to control an amp with the midi out from your QC (or anything else) and pretty good value as well.

Thanks Pirate Midi.


Looks great!
EMCUSTOM make a great little midi box too.

Cheers :blush:

That looks to be another very clever bit of kit, but unless I’m missing something, it wouldn’t switch a standard TRS 1/4 inch jack, would it?

It’s doesn’t stock but the guy is very nice and made me (for free if I remember well) a another small box for Jack switch amp.


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great solution. :grinning: