New to Neural..can I use a Two Notes Torpedo Captor as my audio interface?

I have a Two Notes Torpedo Captor that I haven’t even unboxed yet. I’m new to this whole plug in game but my stacks are just way too loud for home use/practice environment and seeing the videos here are impressive.

Am I able to use this unit as an AI or do I need to buy something else?


No. The captor is a load box for an amplifier.

But it also has a amp/web based client with its own plug in suite.

Yes, it allows you to take at preamp lvl, the amp’s tone with cab (if switched on) emulation to a mixer or Audio Interface. But this tone is derived/grabbed from a real Amplifier under load from the load box in the Captor, using real wattage from the amp itself. The QC is not an Amp with Amp power levels, and does not provide the signal needed for the Captor to convert to preamp levels. At least that’s how my Captor operates.