Neural Capture with loadbox

Will it be possible to capture an amp by using a load box like the Two Notes Captor of Captor X.
If Captor X is possible , can the speaker sims be captured as well?

Sure, of course, both.

Yes… I’m also planning to do captures through my Captor X.

That’s what I was hoping. Will be great to capture some of my amps silently, just haven’t got the room to do this at volume. Plan on captures with no speaker so I can use the built in ones and same amp settings with Captor X cabs.
Then I can start on the overdrive, distortion pedals.

I’ll be doing some captures of various amps with an OxBox in my buddy’s studio. He never mikes up amps anymore. All productions lately have been done with the speaker out of the amp into the OxBox while using the speaker sims in the OxBox.

The captures I’ll do without the speaker sim of the OxBox, so that I can use different IRs in the QC. That gives more flexibility - especially with the in built IRs, where you can choose the mikes and the placement.


I don’t have an Ox or any load box so I’m going to have to rely on my SM57 and/or SM58 and wait till no one’s around… Mesa Boogie Mark II-B 100 watts through a 1x12 Port City loaded with Neo Creamback… as Jimmy Page once said “it might get loud”. :slight_smile:

as Jimmy Page once said “it might get loud”.


150 WATT Guitar Amp Played at MAXIMUM VOLUME!!! - YouTube

Steve Lukather payback to the neighbor who woke him with leaf blower - YouTube

I saw that a while back… I love Luke! funny guy and great player!