Which load box would you recommend?

Hey, ew to QC want to get a load box to capture a box ac30
Wonder based on your experience which one would you recommend ? Ideally not as expensive as the qC lol

I’ve had great results with my Two Notes Torpedo Captor Loadbox/Attenuator/DI. Just make sure the speaker simulator is off if you’re capturing just the amp and plan to use a QC cab or IR.

My UA OX did an outstanding job when capturing my amp.

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I have a Suhr Reactive Load IR that would work great. I am selling it so if you are looking send me a message.

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Ditto on the Suhr. I don’t own it (yet) but have heard and seen great things about that specific unit.

Email me… This could be your chance.

I have a WAZA Tube Amp Expander.
I’ll use it to capture my amps this week and will report back on how good it went.

The WAZA packs a bunch of nice feature.
But regarding the QC specifically, you can also use it as a 100W power amp.

I have the Torpedo live and Fryette powestation 1, for amps sometimes the Torpedo will suck out the soul of the amp, sustain and top end. with other amps it will shine over the powerstation, with powerstation same thing, it shines and sucks, for pre amps I shut down the ir and power amp sim, or sometimes with power amp, works fine, Synergy direct in the input of QC works wonders, experimenting what gives the best results.

Hi, I’m looking for a decent loadbox/attenuator for profiling my Madcat B52 (200w tube bass amp) without the cab, so that I can use it with different IRs


Is it possible to profile a complete set (amp + mic/cab) and then separate the amp?

Suhr RL is a great one and I’ve also had good success with the Fryette PS-2.