New tier 1 and 2 perks

When will the new tier 1 and 2 perks be announced?

I have to admit, I don’t expect much - and that’s fine
that being said one free plug-in on the QC would be incredible.

I have only tried a few and they do live up to their reputation.

I didn’t know that there were any new perks coming. I know those of us in Tier 1 are getting some perks and both tiers are now getting free shipping but that’s all I heard. Where was it stated about additional perks?

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The only thing I saw said was that tier 2 were now going to get a perk as well (originally there were none). Previously only tier 1 were getting perks of a booklet that detailed the engineering and build process as well as a numbered 1/1000 chassis. A free plugin would be sick but that seems like a bit much to ask.

Could be a stale booger for all I care at this point, I just want the unit :see_no_evil:

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totally agreed with you, I thought I had seen somewhere that there were changes, but I lack the source atm.

No I don’t think a plugin would be it, that would be the biggest pre-order perks I would have ever seen. Yet I’m sure some people would complain saying ‘‘muuu I already own all of your plugins’’

as you stated, I’m really looking for the device, especially since all my other gear has been sold this summer… my fingers will hurt when I get it

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Any idea of when the emails for final payment will start rolling out?
I’ve been trying to find that information but no luck so far.

Shipping in Mid Nov so my guess is next
3 weeks

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