New mode : Page Mode : Control everything

As sugested by @nico2440443 , move my thread here :

So much power and kind of limitation to control everything. What I imagine is a new mode : Page mode.
In brief, you’re in one preset, and button up and down switch to different page in your preset, which are different layout to control all the blocks. So you can access to 8 button control that can be indistincly stomp or scene in a single page, then switching to an other page with the up/down button. In a big preset you can have easily 4 different page to control all the blocks.
Page 1 : different basic scene
Page 2 : Stomp mode for your favorite block
Page 3 : Stomp mode for unusual block
Page 4 : …

Or just in a big preset with all row occupied by 8 blocks, 4 page of 8 buttons are just needed to control all the blocks.

In this mode your QC become an infinie pedalboard you can customise to your taste

And with @nico2440443 better explaination :