DI problems

Hello, i want to ask something about guitar pickups, i have gibson, ibenez, solar ,etc and they all have duncans (59 model, screamin demon, etc) but i have problem because they sound dark and muddy
So when i feed signal like that into my amp sims they sound very bad, i just can’t have great sound as i should, it demotivates me to play, record, or whatever
Tried different pickups (even the active ones from duncan and emg), interfaces, pc and mac, cables, DI boxes, checked electricity, grounding, everything possible and i’ve got no luck
I don’t have any problems in terms of noise,buzz etc
I also wached some players on youtube with almost identical gear ,those guys have massive and clear tones whatever amp sim or real amp they pull out
You can clearly hear and see that ugly low end and low mids on EQ cuz it goes all the way down to 10 hz , i can send you screenshot and also audio files if you want
This has been bothering me for a long time, i know that Neural DSP have awesome plugins and people around make sick tones with their stuff, but here, for some reason, everything sounds bad

Do you have any idea what’s going on?