Neural website link (URL) broken for USB audio driver

Looks like the link to get the USB driver for the Quad Cortex is dead. The link should be fixed or deleted. At least on the web page I navigated to (see below). Pretty sure I downloaded this driver before but setting up on a different PC now.

UPDATE: Found a working link for the USB driver here although the description makes it look like it is only the iLok License Manager. Nope, that is the USB driver. As soon as you open the URL below the USB driver downloads automatically. A little confusing if you don’t notice the immediate download, as all you then see is the iLok download:

To the moderator, seems like a working link to download the QC’s Windows/Mac drivers would be a good candidate to pin, if pinning topics is allowed in this forum.

I just checked the link on the downloads page of Neural’s website and it worked.

Thanks for checking this out so quickly! Clicking through on the link that says “website” brings you to a 404 error. If you are internal, e.g. inside Neural’s firewall you may be seeing something different, but from a browser from outside you get the 404 error. See the two links directly below here.

Page with the “website” link:

Notice the difference in the URL below that has the current correct and working location to download drivers from. The problem is that searching on the web for the “Quad Cortex USB driver” leads you to the page that ultimately leads to the above URL with the broken link:

Thanks for the flag, I have passed it to the team to get it updated on the support page.

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