Neural Quad Cortex Skins

I will be providing custom skins for the Quad Cortex just like I have for the Kempers. Waiting on my unit to start designing. Maybe you will like skinning it, maybe you won’t. Just offering some kind of service to my fellow guitar brothers & sisters!


do you have a link for your work?

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Yes @ either: Happy Kemper Skins on Facebook or

cool stuff… it. would be sick having custom options for the QC. :star_struck:

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Oh nice real skin for the unit!
I also was looking into ‘virtual’ skinning the pedals also in the screen menus. Will this be available to end users? For instance if I capture my own pedal, can a use an editor and then skin the pedal somehow so I can see it like it’s a virtual pedal? This would be an awesome feature if so!

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And “happy Kemper” on FB
But i haven’t begun making skins for the QC yet… Just the Kemper toaster & rack

I have a “design your own skin” feature on my Happy Kemper website. I could do it for the QC as well. My main challenge right now is finding a printable media that sticks to the QC but leaves no adhesive. Because the QC is non magnetic aluminum.

What about a backing material you could attach it too? Like some of that contact plastic they use for window decals? It sticks to glass because even aluminum will collect static particles on its skin. My buddy prints those out on a home plotter.

Can you send me a link to this product by chance?

Search “cling vinyl”. They sell it by the roll, sheets, etc. You could find a sturdy version of it and attach your print to it or print it directly to the vinyl.

I’d have to change out my inkjet printer since it won’t print on vinyl…which I DO NOT MIND AT ALL. But maybe you could suggest a wide format vinyl printer? Has to print greys as well. Thank you