Neural – one side of the rig is not playing

I greet all. I have a problem and a request at the same time.

I have created one RIG and one side (OUT4) is not playing in it.

I wrote everything about the given problem on my website - guitar school (there are also photos) on this page:

Pozdravujem všetkých. Mám problém a zároveň prosbu.

Mám vytvorený jeden RIG a nehrá mi v ňom jedna strana (OUT4).

Všetko som o danom probléme napísal na mojom webe - gitarovej škole (sú tam aj fotky) na tejto stránke:

Set the balance to 5, not 10

Jamsden, Even if I set 5 (even if 1 it still plays only in one side and nothing plays in OUT4.

Aj ked nastavím 5 (aj ked 1 stále to hrá len v jednej strane a v OUT4 nič nehrá.

Can you upload that preset to the cloud so we can dig into it? Can’t see enough settings to deduce where it’s going wrong

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I agree with the other please, please share your preset as not enough details can be determined from your post above. The other option is to email and they can work with you to resolution. IMO, it is likely a splitter/mixer not configured correctly but almost impossible to determine without seeing the preset.

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Ok, here is the preset:

Hi @marianguitar !

I think the problem is that your “multi out” is panned hard left.

Long press “multi out” to see the settings.

If you pan center, you get a signal on out 4 as well.


Yes, it was like that, thanks for the help and advice :slight_smile:

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