Headphones for quad cortex

hello guys,
i dont know if there was another post about it, if there was i apologies for it.
i currently run my QC with BD DT770 80 OHMS.
i dont like how the QC sounds with this headphones, they sound “far” instead of "close to your ears’ (the best i can describe it), and the volume is kinda low on 100% with levels adjustments for them not to distort.
i am looking for headphones i can use with the QC to run with very loud volume (i know its not the best for my ears, but this is how i like to hear music), and i want them to be clear when i can hear the reverbs and delay without them swallow .
do you have any recommendations for headphones to my needs?
i dont really mind if they will be open / closed back.

thank you very much for the help!

I can highly recommend One Odio Studio Pro headphones.

My vote would be for the Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X (that’s what I got & they’ve been fantastic).

ATX MX50s sound and work great!

I use a Rode NTH-100 if i’m not using my IEMs. The flatter the better.

When I practise with headphones, I use my good old Sony MDR 7506. Inexpensive and great sound. They miss bluetooth, but that’s anyway no option on the QC.

I use the same headphones. They are great, but they have very, VERY hyped high end.

I use parametric EQ on the QC to make EQ corrections, so the headphones sound as flat as they can. The amps sound so much better after that.

You can test this EQ correction yourself if you want. Download my preset and copy the last EQ block from the grid and paste it to your own presets. I have created this EQ block with ”real EQ corrections for Sony 7506 headphones”, that I found from the net. There is a web page, that has EQ corrections for almost all headphones there is.



Some good tools for equalizing many brands of headphones here:

I like the Shure SRH1540. I think they compete with much more expensive headphones.

Has anyone asked for an adjustable headphone output impedance to be included as a feature?


In general, open back headphones will sound ‘far’ and closed back will sound ‘close to your ears’.

Most people prefer open back for absolute quality as this tends to give a more open, natural sound like an amp in the room, but it’s all up to your preference.

the dt770 are closed back