Neural DSP Plugins + Logic Pro X + Behringer FCB1010

I posted this question on reddit too…

I’m so close, but can’t get my FCB1010 to affect my Neural DSP plugins in Logic Pro X in real time.

I can record program changes into a midi region on a software instrument track with the pedal. And when I play those back, they do change the presets in the plugin and affect the sound. But I can’t just tap a button on the pedal and see it change the plugin in Logic Pro X. I made a video to show my problem.

My friend uses a different pedal to control his Gojira WOW pedal in real time and when we looked into how that worked, there were no midi mapping nor midi signals appearing to be received by Logic (display in control bar, monitor in the environment). It was all learned through a control surface. I tried making a control surface for the FCB1010 and got a presence knob to be able to be set to 0, but no presets and I didn’t seem to have control of what I was learning. Also, Neural DSP support told me to delete all of my control surfaces so I’m guessing that’s a dead end.

Any ideas? Thanks!