Neural DSP note preset change with ABLETON live 10 MALFUNCTION

Hi guys…

I am using Ableton live 10 with Neural DSP Gojira.
I am trying to trigger with MIDI track my custom program changes, but I got some issues, despite the fact that NOTES in Ableton are not the same as the NOTES in NEURAL DSP plugin (C0 = C1 for example).

As u can see on the picture under below, on a midi track I got 3 midi regions with a note. The first 2 notes work fine and make the changes, but the 3rd doesn’t (this one is to get back on the first sound preset).

Seems that i cannot send more than 2 notes information for each songs… strange.
Do you have any idea how can I resolve that.

Or maybe do you have another solution for triggering my program changes ?

I used to use bank / sub bank / program info of midi regions to switch between programs on other plugins. Is it something i can do with NEURAL DSP ?

If yes anybodies knows how to do it ?
Or what would be the right program preset mapping ?

Thanks a lot for you help guys.