Need some advice on having both a clean and high gain scene in one preset

I’m currently using an Omega Granophyre capture for my high gain. I’ve been tweaking the preset in scene mode for live use and would like to add a clean/ambient scene. What’s the best way to go about this? Should I split the chain and add a new clean amp for this one scene, while bypassing the high gain amp? Or should I just make a completely separate signal chain in row 3 for this one scene, while bypassing the first chain completely? Thanks for any advice!

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use a splitter in AB mode

Or, just create a whole new chain with one of the other lanes. Turn if off in the high gain scene and in the clean scene turn the output on and turn the output for the high gain chain off.

In Scene mode, everything can live in one line. Just bypass the blocks you don’t want in the scene.

I’ve got the best results by having it in a seperate row with a gain block in front of both rows and turning down the gain block on the row you’re not using. That way you can add a lot more effects (compressor, EQ, delays and reverbs) to your clean signal without running out of CPU.

I’m using multiple captures of my MarkV in Mark IV and Mark IIC+ mode for my metal tone and a capture of the Neve 1976 pre for my clean tone.

By adding a Klon drive in front of the Neve and a tape delay after I’m getting cool Neil Young Dead Man guitar tones. Can’t do all of that in one row.

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