Guide to setting up a dual/3 amp rig (and initial impressions comin from a Fractal AX8 user)

Hi all, new to the forum; juat picked up a quad cortex and just trying to get to grips with it before selling my Fractal AX8.

Apologies in advance if I could learn how to do this by reading the manual…

The main reason I bought QC was for the seamless switching between amps (using scenes); i know with the Fractal AX8 there’s ways to avoid the gap by using scene controllers to lower gain on a single amp, but i found that to be a pain in the ar$e and not to produce the results i need.
I’d like to be able to have say a Marshall for my dirty sounds and switch to either a nice sparkly slean tone, or a nice clean amp with a little breakup. (Having a mix of 2 dirty amps for my main dirty spund would also be great)

I’m finding it diffficult to understand how to the grid works outside of setting up a simple 1 amp rig.
I tried using a splitter within the signal chain, but when it came to muting amps for a different scene, I could hear the DI signal coming through begind my dirty amp where I’d muted the clean amp, so im defo doing somethng wrong.

(Im using the latest 2.0 firmware and running a single lead out to my headrush FR speaker (will use either mono ot stereo into my interface - or direct in to my Mac when recordig in logic)

My goal is to set up the following using Hybrid (scenes /stomp hybrid):

Scene 1:
1 or 2 dirty amps active for my crunch sound (with a little reverb)
Stomp swiches to add chorus, univibe, overdrive, delay or say whamy at will

Scene 2;
Dirty amps disabled, clean amp enabled with reverb, maybe delay
(As above, ability using stomps to switch on univide or tremelo etc)

Scene 3; scene 1 but basically with overdrive engaged
(As above, ability with stomps to engage modulation)

Scene 4; clean amp with thick delay reverb, maybe other effects

Is there a good guide or a similar preset from the cloud i could use to achice the above?

Also Is it possible to have diffefent stomps assigned to switches per scene? (For exampe for my lead preset, could i assign say switch A to turn on a whammy, but in my rythm scene have switch A turn on chorus?)

Intitial thoughts coming from using a Fractal AX8 for a couple of years (but never gigged with it);

The lights on the switches and screen on the QC will be very handy

The tuner seems better on the QC - polyphonic would be great in the future…

The JCM 800 on the fractal sounds a bit more like the real head; has more of that special sizzle to it (could just be my QC settings?). QC ver. Of jcm800 is easier on the ears; not so much treble.

Univibe sounds more like the real thing on the QC; fractal one seemed to get lost in the mix a bit?

QC bootup takes longer than id like (but no big deal) and not a fan of the pop through speaker when turning off (with volume knob down)

Going through factory presets, some of the ambient sounds are amazing and will work great on one of my tunes (fractal has some cool ambient sounds, but were a bit of a novelty to my taste)

Really missing having a built in Metronome on the QC for practicing (will one be added later?)

Another reason i bought the QC was so I can practice late at night/early morning using headphones (no tried that yet - again, metronome would be handy )

Thanks all!

Try using Mute instead of Bypass on the amps you don’t want. This will prevent the unwanted input signal from coming through the block.

Stomp switches are configured by patch, not by scene.

You can use a computer or phone for a metronome into QC, or use drum patterns for something more interesting and realistic. Rock DM is pretty nice on iPhone.

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Cool - many thanks for your help; will look up how to mute blocks.
Good shout re; using a metrinome app from my phone - will just have to get a headphone to 1/4 inch lead adapter.

you could also use the Looper as a faux-metronome with some percussive strums or taps

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